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Stained or broken pavers can be easily replaced without patches. Dark colored pavers can help hide stains.


Pavers offer the widest range of surface finishes, colors, shapes, and sizes. Laying patterns can complement the architectural style of any home because of the wide variety of styles available.​


Tightly fitted, uniform units are placed over a sand bed and a compacted aggregate base. Immediately ready for use. Unlike poured concrete which requires 5 to 7 days for hardening before use.

  1. Thin pavers
  2. Segmental retaining walls
  3. Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications
  1. Exterior tumbled marble
  2. Travertine
  3. Pre-cast stone
  1. Interlocking pavers
  2. Permeable pavers
  3. Reclaimed brick

What is Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement?

PICP comprises a layer of solid concrete pavers separated by joints filled with small stones. Water enters the joints between the pavers and through an “open-graded” base-crushed stone layers with no small or fine particles. The void spaces among the crushed stone store water and infiltrate it back into the soil subgrade. The stones in the joints provide permeability, and the base filters storm water to help reduce pollutants.

Why Use PICP?

PICP reduces runoff and pollutants, recharges groundwater, and helps reduce downstream erosion and flooding. Cost-effective reduced site impact: Besides lowering drainage costs, PICP is a space saver. Pedestrian and vehicular pavements are combined with detention areas.

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